Colleges In Pune & What Are They Famous For


Pune is well known for its college life and vibrant lifestyle, so let’s have a quick rundown through some of the most popular colleges in Pune and let’s see what they are famous for. 


Famous for its engineering program, this college thrives on a rich history. It is not easy to get into this college but if you do then be aware that everyone in this college is as smart as you or even more. The college is also known for its most famous festival Mindspace. Studying in this college and keeping up with everyone and everything will make you want to invest in a good study table, which you don’t have to buy but can easily rent it out. 


A multi-campus private college famously known for good courses, but also known for a good social life. Symbiosis is a perfect fit for extroverts and people who enjoy a good social life. Multiple campuses make it a very diverse and happening crowd. Be sure you rent out an extra wardrobe because one wardrobe wouldn’t fit in all your outfit necessities. 


This college is well known for engineering, it is one of the best colleges in India. The campus and hostel both are located in the heart of Pune making the commute very easy. There is a dress code unfortunately in this college, but it isn’t compulsory every day. 


A college made for geniuses. The college has some notable alumni such as Sharad Pawar and Cyrus Poonawalla. Affiliated with Pune University, this college is one of the most notable colleges for commerce students. The placement opportunity is also really good with many banks and MNCs associated with this college. 

Modern College 

Modern college is a private college where you will see a diverse crowd, as this college offers multiple courses. The placement opportunities are also good here. So if you’re planning to go to this college just be ready to meet a diverse crowd of people from different fields. 


One of the best private universities in India offering specialized courses in Economics, Engineering, Management, Governance, Law, Liberal Arts, Science and Journalism. The college fees might be a little red flag for some people but otherwise this college also offers extracurricular activities and good placements. 

DY Patil 

DY Patil is a private college famously known for its MBBS program. The Pune campus is absolutely open spaced and breathtaking. The college has a hostel for both girls and boys, but if you want you can also rent out a house with your friends in a nearby area, with rented furniture and appliances. 

No matter which college you choose or get into, Pune is a city of new opportunities and new beginnings. You start the real adulting from college, which includes saving money and budgeting and what better way to do that than with