How to not mess up an influencer collaboration

Working with influencers is becoming one of the standards for business promotion in social networks. Statistics show that the influencer marketing market will only continue to grow and develop – 80% of marketers confirm the effectiveness of cooperation with bloggers. So it is important to understand who influencers are, how to work with them and how much it will cost, it is important now.

First of all, you need to choose the right influencer.

A blogger is a platform for advertising with their own readership. It is critical to comprehend the audience’s demographics and whether or not they align with the page’s subject. What are the names of my subscribers? What do they like to do, how old are they, whose gender do they identify with, and where do they live? You can use this information to decide whether or not an influencer is a good fit for you.

And Hypetrain will assist in handling this task. can help you identify influencers for additional collaboration. We also provide a media strategy for your joint marketing efforts with them. In fact, your cooperation with bloggers begins with this. Before signing a contract, carefully consider the campaign’s specifics and prepare any questions you have.

We have created a checklist to help you understand what to look for before signing an influencer agreement.

The most crucial thing to remember is that you must have an advertising cooperation contract in place with influencers. Any influencer contract template should include the names of the talent or maker, the name of the advertising campaign, the dates the campaign will run (start and end), the total campaign cost, the product distribution channel, and at minimum, the parties’ contacts.

Terms of the agreement should include:

  • Fundamentals – The subject of the contract, the parties’ expectations, and the target audience for the influencer campaign are laid out in this section.
  • Term – Set the conditions of the agreement, including how the parties may terminate the agreement and the start and end dates for the advertising campaign. These things need your close attention.
  • Deliverables – Understand each party’s expectations of the collaboration. For example, if we are discussing YouTube, we need to discuss the number of advertisements, placement inside videos, length, how frequently they will appear on the channel, etc.
  • Cancellation – Naturally, both parties have the right to sever the partnership if something goes wrong. The most critical thing is specifying the deadline, how many days must pass before the collaboration is terminated, and how the parties must inform one another. Consider whether or not you want to impose penalties on the parties in the event of an early contract termination individually
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Collateral Detail – Mention that a blogger receives the product they promote for free. Any costs that you did not authorize and that belong to the other party are expressly noted.

  • Compensation – Include the main payment amount, and any additional bonuses provide the influencer for their work.
  • Terms of payment.
  • Powers That Be.

Additional terms of the agreement could include:

  • Items to Avoid in Influencer Posts -The so-called “stop words” are one of the most crucial elements. This refers to words or expressions that a blogger shouldn’t use, or that shouldn’t be associated with your brand. Additionally, you can specify a time frame for working with additional brands. This prohibition lasts for three months on average, although it may last for six.
  • Approval and Content Origination – In any advertising campaign, the advertiser always has the final say. While promoting a product, an influencer does not specify the marketing campaign plan. Influencer marketing typically forms a part of a larger marketing initiative.

Confidentiality and Exclusivity – The influencer affirms that they will not share any exclusive data provided as part of an advertising partnership.

  • Material disclosures and compliance with FTC Guidelines. The FTC has stated that it does not consider the built-in disclosures on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube to be adequate, by the way you can check our lates article about how much youtubers earn and share on socials.

Both parties require brand and influencer partners and collaborative campaigns. Go over our checklist items carefully to prevent any misunderstandings.

The last piece of advice is to remember to talk about who will control the copyrights for advertising and who will own the finished product. Traditionally, content is published on the influencer’s channel.

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Also keep in mind that interacting with influencers can help you develop your basic values:

  1. Increasing brand awareness. 89% of marketers believe that influencer marketing is as effective as other communication channels, or even more effective. Another 71% of respondents say that traffic from influencers is better than from any other advertising source. What’s more, the quality of leads that a company will receive through influencer marketing is higher than from other promotional channels.
  2. Customer confidence and growth. Most influencers have worked long and hard to build a loyal community around them with similar hobbies. This means that their audience is not random passers-by who just like beautiful pictures, but interested and motivated people. And if a favorite blogger uses a product or service, their followers will want to try it too. The main thing is to choose a blogger whose direction resonates with your business.
  3. Variety of content. Most often, influencers have a certain style and presentation of material that they have shaped and honed over time. It is most likely that the advertising post will be sustained in the same vein.
  4. High ROI. The return on investment will be different depending on the direction of the business, the literacy in the selection of a blogger and the success of the campaign as a whole.
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