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A successful and skilled business manager is a valuable asset to your company. When you need to fill a managerial position in your company, this can be quite challenging. Often, when it comes to hiring management, you need a highly-specific set of skills and experience to do the job right. Finding the right person to do the job can be a challenge and, depending on your resources, you may help to do the best job search you can. Recruiting companies provide a vital service for matching skilled employees with companies that need their skills.

Four Top Level Recruiting Companies

1. Skogstad&Co

Skogstad&Co understands the challenge of finding suitable managers and seeks to provide the assistance you need to make a suitable hire. Their goal is to help you find the right person for the job and find an employee that is a good fit for your company. Hiring is a two-way discussion, and they ensure that both your company and any potential manager you hire benefit from working together. Skogstad&Co recruits from various industries, ensuring you have access to a wide and talented hiring pool. They focus on people and support both their clients and managerial candidates throughout the entire process. They have worked with several well-known companies, such as HP, Circle K, Seema, and more.

2. Oakstone International

Oakstone International is based in the United Kingdom and chiefly focuses on companies in the software as a service (Saas) and Financial technology (Fintech) industries. They have over 27 years of experience and have helped over 300 companies with their hiring needs. They understand that a diverse, talented, and educated workforce is key to your company’s success and will strive to find you the best person for the job. With each client, they keep each company’s needs and goals in mind to find a good match between a company and a potential hire. They take care of all of their clients and are committed to the success of everyone they work with.

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3. Target Headhunting

Target Headhunting focuses on finding managers, board members, directors, and other important staff members for their clients. One of their key advantages is the fact they have many years of experience in the industry pairing companies with employees. They also have a wide-reaching global network with partners in the United States, China, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain, Great Britain, and more. Target Headhunting has offices in Denmark, Singapore, and India offering a truly worldwide viewpoint to help all their clients around the globe. They make use of a multistep process to pair companies and job seekers to ensure a good match. There is a key focus on matching the right skills and personalities with the right jobs.

4. TRR

Sweden-based TRR focuses on helping people move to the next step in their careers. Founded in 1974 TRR has many decades of experience helping people with their profession. Areas of service they provide include converting useful skills to new industries, offering the support of a broad staff located in several affiliated member companies, and providing general support to those who are going through changes of focus in their career. They also provide support for their clients in many areas, both financial and informative. A specific area of focus is helping those in a changing job world find new industries where their skills can be put to good use.

Final Thoughts

A company is only as good as its staff. You can have the best business plan and the best equipment, but if you don’t have skilled employees you will not succeed. This includes not only front-line workers but the management as well. No matter the type of job, you need somebody with the right skills and the right personality profile to do it. Recruiting companies can help you find the right candidate for such vital positions.

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