10 Tips For An Awesome And SEO-Friendly Blog Post

SEO-Friendly Blog Post Frameworks for Frontend and Backend

A lot of skill is required for writing a blog. Your article should give an appeal to the audience so that they always remain interested in your article. A lot of thinking is required in writing it. The paragraphs should be clear and must have a nice heading so that concept of your article can be clearly understood by the audience. The second paragraph should have a subheading. The audience will write on twitter about your article and share its link on social sites if the article is liked by them. In this way your website ranking can be increased. So, we can say that if the skills of your writing are improved then ranking of your website can also be improved.

If you think that delighting the readers and attracting them are the two main purposes of writing a content then you are wrong. You can use some good words in order to write an SEO-friendly and readable article. But you should prevent the keyword stuffing in your article, otherwise the audience will show less interest in it.

Do some keyword research before writing the article:

Keyword research must be done before you actually start writing. You have to find which words are mostly searched by the people and then use those words in the title of your article and also in the meta description. In this way the search results can be dominated by you.  

Some key tips for writing good blog posts:

A good blogger uses his mind in writing the blog and all good thoughts coming to his mind are written in the form of articles. But this will work only if the blogger has natural skills of writing. But some other people might not have these skills. So, I will tell you 10 tips for an awesome and SEO-friendly blog post.

1.Start thinking before writing the article – You have to think first before writing the content. The answer of which question you want to give to the audience or what they want from your article? What is the aim of your blog writing? What should be done by the audience at the last page of your article? Before starting to write all these questions must be answered by you.

2.The blog post structure must be devised by you – The structure of your blog post should be created clearly before starting to write. It must include:

  •         An initial introduction about your content.
  •         Detailed description of what your blog is about.
  •         A good conclusion at the end.

These three parts of the blog must be written by you.

3.Paragraphs must be used – While writing the content you should include paragraphs in it and also you have to make the proper use of these paragraphs. Your aim should not be writing attractive lines only. The paragraph should have some logic in it, only then you should start writing it. There has to be an idea behind every paragraph. Think deeply to find that idea. A single line can be used to reflect the main idea of the paragraph.

4.Headings must be used – You have to use the heading because the complete page structure is shown in heading. For SEO and readability by people, a very important role is played by it. It can increase your ranking because the idea behind the long post can be understood by Google by the proper use of heading. If you want your article structure to be clarified by the people, then the page should be scanned by them and for that you should use subheadings after the main heading and its content. A few subheadings can include some keywords also but not all the keywords because by doing this the content will not look natural and the audience will not take too much interest in it.

5.Make good use of signal words – The basic idea of your content can easily be grasped by the people if by scanning the text they are able to see the signal words. The audience can get a signal if you use words such as ‘indeed’, ‘surely’ and ‘nevertheless’. The audience will start taking interest in your article by this. Your content will achieve a good structure by the use of signal words.

6.Some other people must read it before getting published – You should allow some other person to read your content before it is published. You should be aware of whether your content is liked by other people or not. Also ask them if there are any grammatical errors present in your content.

7.Your article length must be optimized – At Least 300 words must be used in your written article. The articles which are long are generally liked by Google. But if this long article is difficult to understand then the audience will not spend time in reading it. If you possess good writing skills, only then you should write long articles.  

8.Articles of similar type must be linked – If your two articles are similar in many ways then you should link your newest article to the previous article. It will strengthen your authority on the topic. In addition to this if you want to get a good rank on Google then in this case your link structure plays a vital role. Audiences will also show interest in your both articles.

9.New blog posts should be added regularly – Your website will remain alive in front of Google if new posts in your blog are added regularly. Your site will be less crawled by Google if it is not active. It can have an adverse effect on the ranking of your website. But if an article is posted by you without any purpose then it is useless. You should post the article to give information to the audience about some new and innovative thing and the content must be of high quality.

10.Yoast SEO plugin can be used – If you want your blog posts to be readable and SEO-friendly then you should use Yoast SEO plugin’s analysis tool. You should pick a focus keyword. This keyword will be most searched by the people in the page of the article. The URL, alt text, meta description, title is all checked by this plugin to see if they are used properly or not. The readability of your content is also checked by this plugin.

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