Top 10 Mobile App Games You Should Play

Top 10 Mobile App Games You Should Play

Playing games have always been encouraged, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Now that technology has evolved over the years the concept of gaming has shifted to PC’s, tabs, and mobile phones. As much as the users are contributing their role in the respective industry, there are vast app development companies that are struggling to meet a regular user’s need. The enormous game arena can be depicted by its spending. In this instance, 2.3 Billion game users have expended $137.9 Billion on different games, worldwide.

Why Are Mobile Games So Popular?

The usage of mobile games is now beyond entertainment. If you pay a visit to the play store your screen will encounter multiple purpose-built apps that are created by professional game app developers. For this reason, the sector continues to grow not with numbers but also with its wide offerings. Before you dig in the details of the best games, here is what you should know.

App Games Are Versatile

Apps that do not curb you to participate and perform are certainly the best, and most opted. It means whether you are an old age person, or a kid certain games are easy to understand and play. Most car racing games are preferred by users of all ages.

Boost Your Mood

There is no doubt in the fact that games can actually transform your mood from end to the other. In fact, several individuals opt for this option when they are having a low day because they feel challenged, and this entices them. Some experts have shed light on the useful impact of games on a person’s mental illness.

Expand Your Network

Did you know you can make friends through online game apps? It’s true! It is because the requirement of several games is to share screen with other people. The concept utilization is distinctive because some of the apps allow users to connect with their game partners across the world. While other apps can give you an opportunity to elect people by your choice to be clear whoever you wish to play with.

List of 10 Gaming Apps to Download and Play

If we genuinely assess the statistics you would know that around 51% of the gaming market is enhanced because of mobile tools, game apps being at the top. From educational to training games, here is the list of the finest game apps that need to be on your phone to play.

1. PUBG Mobile App

There is a 100% certainty that you have either played PUBG or have heard of it. The ground-breaking mobile app has taken the game level to an extreme level. The game caters to both iOs and Android users. It indulges individuals in an online battlefield. You can play the game on your own, get yourself a partner to pair or join with 4 people. It was initially available on Microsoft but by the year 2018, it was released on other platforms too. Its popularity is not only associated with users but the game has won overwhelming awards by incorporating innovation.

2. Fortnite

Adding to the list is an outstanding action game, Fortnite. Although the game is available on PC, its mobile version is highly prevalent. It embarks the user to a ground full of experiences.  It is equipped with different types such as; royal, party, creative, and save the world. Further the game introduces further branches under one roof. The app allows people from all demographics to join the fun.

3. Angry Birds

A game that has earned all the positive points is Angry birds. It is introduced as a mobile app in different versions, like part 1 and part 2 that can be explained as sequels. The highly widespread game is compatible on Apple devices, Android, and Windows 10. Since a movie was also launched under the name of Angry birds, fans of the app are addicted to playing it. So far, Angry birds 2 have received a record-breaking response with over 10 million downloads across 100 countries.

4. Candy Crush Saga

Introduced in the market in 2012, the puzzle game known as Candy crush, is extremely famous. It’s that one colorful app that is perhaps already downloaded on your phone. During the same year it was regarded as the most significant app amongst individuals on social media sites. It is a single-player game where the user has to swap or replace old candies on the board corresponding to the new candies that appear on your screen. There are several levels of the app, and to reach each preceding level you have to unlock candy –puzzles.

5. Miniclip

The diverse category of Miniclip offers a distinctive range of games for iOs, Android, and other platforms. Some of the exceedingly common games under this company are 8 ball pool, and Gravity Guy. The largest gaming zone had surpassed 1 Billion downloads in 2016.

6. Temple Run

With humongous changes in technology, there has been a rise in innovation in existing services. In context of game apps, Temple run is one of the top 3D game apps that are played by users globally. Available on all domains, the game is centralized by the user who tends to act as an explorer who runs away from monkeys who perform the role of demons. It was initially welcomed as a temple run. After receiving overwhelming success, the developers were inclined to produce what they now call, Temple Run 2.

7.  Call of Duty

As much as you enjoy action and shooting movies, you must be equally eager towards playing a shooter game. If yes, Call of Duty can be your first priority. The app was recently released in 2019 and since then has been thoroughly enjoyed by users. Created under the TiMi studios, the app has generated millions of dollars that have contributed to an exceptional profit ratio. Unlike many other shooter games, this one allows you to play with several players, consolidating into a team.

8.  Mine craft

A robust addition to the list is this supremely compelling game, Minecraft. Before coming to the mobile apps category, the app game was rigorously used on PC’s. It provides two options to users; if you want to play solo, you may do so. However, those who dislike the idea of single-player games, you can opt for multiplayer options.  Besides, the game opens up different modes such as Survival mode, adventure mode, hardcore mode, and even spectator mode. Over the years, the renowned game has earned a good name in the market by receiving several awards and recognition.

9. Clash of clans

First introduced to the iOs family, the game clash of clans was later released on Android platforms. The ideology of the game is based on a strategic video game philosophy. It is developed and published under Super cell. The game allows the user to create its own village with gold, elixir and other resources. The game has uplifted the idea of enlarge networks, permitting 50 plus users to play together.

10.  Pokémon Go

Developed by the specialists at the Pokémon Company, the game is based on a freemium business model.  Available on Android and iOs, Pokémon Go has impressed all the users that have made it the most profitable app of all times. The captivating feature of the app is a real-world glimpse with aid of AR and other innovative tools.

Discussing the 10 best games would have surely taken you in the world of games. With hundreds of options available on the virtual app stores, you are highly recommended to download, and play these to alter the moods of your brains.