What Should a 6 months Baby Weight?

When a baby is born, the weight of the baby may vary on the term and there are also several other factors on which the weight is dependent. There are chances that your baby may be underweight or overweight. With time, this difference in weight can be covered up and you will be able to reach the average weight range for your baby. It is noticed that these days, a large percentage of the babies are off the range so it becomes really important to monitor the weight of the baby regularly.

Until the baby reaches 2 years of age, you must regularly use baby weighing machine to check the weight of the baby. The best way to do this is to buy a baby weighing scale for your baby. Before we tell you the ideal weight for a 6-month-old baby, we would like to tell you that there are many factors that can impact the baby’s weight. Some of the factors that impacts the weight are listed below

Genetics – Genetics plays a major role in determining the weight of the baby at birth and the weight of the baby during the development years. This is one of the predominant factors.

Lifestyle During Pregnancy – The lifestyle of the mother also plays an important role here. Stress, alcohol, smoke and other such things can negatively impact the weight of the baby. It can also have several other repercussions.

Eating Habits During Pregnancy – It is also important to pay a lot of importance to the eating habits of the bother during pregnancy. There should be any calorie deficit diet and the mother should get ample calories and nutrition to support herself and the baby. Proper nutrition helps in ensuring the proper growth of the baby in the womb.

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Sex of the Baby – Another major factor is the sex of the baby. The male babies have a slightly higher weight when compared to female babies. This is one thing that you must pay attention to.

Twins or Triplets – If there are multiple babies in the bomb then the baby’s weight is impacted negatively. For example, if you have twins then your babies would mostly be underweight.

So, what is the Ideal Weight?

Talking about the ideal weight of the baby, the weight of the 6-month-old male baby should be 17.4 lbs. or 7.9 Kg and the weight of the female child should be 15.8 lbs. or 7.2 Kg. There might be variations depending on different factors and if you feel that your baby is an outlier in term of growth and weight then you must consult the pediatric doctor as he can advise you in a better way.


Remember that the tracking of baby’s weight in the initial few years is very important and hence it proves to be useful to have a baby weighing machine at home. This would help you in getting rid of frequent visits to the doctor just for measuring weight.

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