What should I look for in an SEO company?


Search engine optimization is a very important area of digital marketing that can do wonders for your business, helping your business rank for your main keywords.

An SEO company needs to have several areas of expertise to fully provide a professional service.

Nowadays, you can find great SEO agencies near you and in every corner of the world, such as SEO companies in Houston.

SEO has different areas of focus, technical, web copy, content, link building, web design, or how it’s commonly known: on-site and off-site optimization.

Areas of expertise

If you find an SEO company that only focuses on the technical aspect, you can be missing out on many valuable elements of SEO. Of course, it’s important to have the technical part covered, but you should not ignore everything else that SEO can do for your website.

Some SEO areas are intertwined, such as content and link building. An efficient content strategy can significantly support a link-building strategy and work conjointly in this area of SEO.

Talented employees

One person cannot efficiently and productively cover all SEO areas; this is why a company must have talented individuals who can perform a great job.


Professional SEO companies will have a portfolio of brands and businesses they’ve worked with. Check out some of their work and what the SEO of their clients looks like.

Not all companies have the same budget, which is why not all of their clients may be ranking for their desired keywords. However, you can approach the SEO company that you’re thinking of hiring and ask them directly for success cases and for them to explain their expertise further.

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When it comes to SEO, pricing is a crucial aspect. There are great companies out there that offer excellent service, but their prices can be expensive for small businesses.

If an elite SEO agency is out of budget, you can find great small SEO agencies with lower prices. If they’re a smaller agency, it also means that they don’t have as many employees, and that’s how they keep their prices lower.

Keep in mind that SEO is an investment, and a complete strategy can be on its own, expensive, regardless of the agency’s size. SEO is a straightforward marketing area where investment plays a significant role in results.

Your gut feeling will also be a great indicator if the SEO company that you’re thinking of hiring is the best one for you. Follow your intuition and common sense.


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