Why Broadcasters Should Switch To Next Generation Of OTT And Video Streaming

Why Broadcasters Should Switch To Next Generation Of OTT And Video Streaming

Video streaming is hit by disruptive technology as young viewers demand live streams across platforms to get entertained and educated. User experience has passed from pay TV to IPTV and OTT. Re-strategize your business strategies for more revenue generation. This is the right time to use media as service to consolidate your position as a PaaS and offer OTT solutions to watch preferred content online.

Perhaps this post will make you future-ready for the adoption of the next generation of online streaming services. Make a resolution for next year that will change your business model and offer the latest services catering to the biggest and youngest online consumers.

Your time starts now!

The internet has swiped past other forms of infotainment for the new generation of consumers. The VOD industry is catering to them exclusively with the continuous increase in worldwide subscriptions. The online platforms play the leveling field for the industry to thrive. The business rivalry will be between offerings of multi-channel distributions, OTT solutions, and services. Buck the cable and satellite trends and skew the business model to accommodate enhanced features to deliver streaming content online. It could just be the beginning of a successful delivery model. If you have been bogged down by consumer preferences and your revenue streams are drying up, this service will kick-start the financial curve.

Get in touch with a service provider who can channel your inner business acumen to move forward.

  1. Scalable user experience for multi-screens
  2. Understanding monetization with media as service
  3. Get new subscriptions in the next year
  4. Introduce mobile services

Overcome challenges

Those who are still stuck in the pay tv bracket are staring at defeat from the new technology that is breaking consumer loyalty. There are other issues also to wrestle and they include:

  1. Delivering new content on a constant basis at reduced costs.
  2. Operational efficiencies are stuck with old equipment.
  3. No idea how to convert to OTT solutions.
  4. Dwindling consumers.
  5. Uncertain TV path of evolution.
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New solutions emerge when the business is enhanced with better assets and supportive bundle options.

Target the best media as a service option

If you are still in the process of understanding the IPTV and OTT solution and service model, then take technical support from service providers who are already in this field. They can offer solutions that tie-up with optimized cloud storage, meet the challenges of migration, understand core components and local architecture of the model of media service required. They prepare customized features to support components to enhance CX and better subscription model for:

  1. Streaming services
  2. 4k/UDH TV
  3. Cloud DVR & optimized cloud storage
  4. Any device time shift TV & any device live 2 VOD
  5. Opt-in advertising
  6. xDSL + DOCSIS
  7. Recommendation engine & search
  8. Smart speakers
  9. OTT devices
  10. Multi DRM and voice control

Each technical team comes with the advantage of CAPEX and OPEAX enablement. It includes product support, HW refresh program, and back-end hosting essential for operational efficiency.

Unlimited choices for viewing

Consumers will continue to have many options, and it is up to the broadcasters to upgrade their business with the new trends. Online platforms that promote OTT services will continue to be in demand. You need to be future-ready with infrastructure having core capabilities. For the last five years, new online platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime video, and Netflix have forced people to cut their satellite and pay tv connections in favor of live streaming through the internet. In fact, streaming original content is helping people to be up-to-date with news, entertainment, and other related topics. Broadcasting trade shows the current changes in market dynamics. In 2018, the trend of hybrid platforms emerged with customized feeds and options of media services. Add it to your new business plan.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to edge out the competition

In 2019, the focus will still be on live video and audio streams. They will also add further enhancements to online business and e-portals. It will be a good prospect to know through consultancy from PaaS service providers to tap the following:

  1. Build, design, and deploy OTT services. It can be done without coding and technical support shows how it can be done with some training.
  2. Get support from experts to create a service model that pays.
  3. If you already have content, ask experts how it can be monetized for revenue generation.

2019 could be a turning point in the way you re-shape yourself to adjust to market trends that are sweeping the broadcasting industry.

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