Why You Need an Ad Blocker on Android in 2022

The primary reason for installing marketing block removal software is to eliminate ads when browsing the web, in apps, or games. But that’s not the only reason they are created. Let’s talk more about how does ad blocker work on Android and what else it can be useful for.

What services do ad blockers provide?

Ad blocker apps are improving all the time. Whereas previously they simply blocked ads in browsers, they now help keep data private via VPN, monitor and stop online trackers from loading, reduce traffic consumption and increase smartphone performance. 

According to the Positive Technologies blog, at the beginning of 2020, the share of phishing attacks was 67%, and in 2021 it increased to 83%. Experts note that in 2022 the “phishing” statistics are unlikely to decrease. That’s why smartphone users should think about their own security. The developers of blocker AWAX, who have included all the necessary options for protection in their product, talk about this. 

How to block ads on Android apps?

There are hundreds of programs for the Android operating system in the app stores. It is not surprising if we look at the statistics from Spotconverter – as of May 2022, Android has a 71.4% market share. Developers are guided by such data when creating their apps, including ad blockers.

Some of these programs require installation as an APK file. But Google Play can block them. To run a service to remove ads, you need to permit to install files from unknown sources. And this is fraught with consequences if the malware is simply disguised as a blocker.

You can remove annoying banners and pop-ups through the browser settings on your phone. This section has the function “block notifications from websites.” And ads from installed apps can be disabled in the smartphone settings. 

Such actions will get rid of annoying messages but do not guarantee data security. Therefore, it is better to turn to special apps-blockers.

How to get rid of ads on Android?

The best way to block ads on Android is to download proven software on your smartphone. AWAX ad blocker is developed in accordance with all technologies to protect mobile devices from spam and other malware. The service algorithms constantly scan incoming traffic on your phone and stop any attempts to download ad banners, links, videos, etc.

AWAX includes a built-in VPN that protects your communication channels with the network. Requests coming to the phone are scanned and blocked if the app detects a threat. It protects your gadget from phishing attacks and attempts to trace your online activity through tracking.

Want to have a reliable “barrier” between your smartphone and ever-loading marketing blocks? Download AWAX blocker to stop ads on Android!