Electric Scooter Franchise: What is It and How Much Does it Cost

What is Electric Scooter Franchise by Rexsoft 

Electrical vehicles are an efficient and ecological way to get around the city, and a fun way to spend leisure as well. The industry of e-vehicles sharing is booming from town to town, with local startups looking to catch the market without a large investment and within the most optimal terms. This is when the Electric scooter franchise comes into play. 

Electric Scooter Franchise: What is It and How Much Does it Cost?


The electric scooter franchise by Rexsoft is a model by which e-vehicle business owners rent from Rexsoft a set of customized tools for fast launching, effective managing, and development of e-vehicle businesses. In the next paragraphs, we’re going to take a look at the potential benefits of the e-vehicle franchise, how much does electric scooter franchise by Rexsoft costs and what is included in it.

Why Getting Electric Scooter Franchise: Top Benefits

Rexsoft programmers have been delivering electric scooter franchise solutions since 2017. Here are the potential perks you get when opting for Rexsoft e-vehicle franchise.

Time Savings

The electric scooter franchise allows launching your own e-vehicle business within 1-2 months. For this time, Rexsoft programmers create a unique app design, connect scooters to the app, implement a few customization solutions and release the app to AppStore and Play Market. 

Reduced Cost

Compared to custom development, launching an e-scooter business with an electric scooter franchise doesn’t require a large investment at the start. You just have to pay the initial fee for the application setting at the beginning and then the monthly subscription fee. 

Ability to Customize

Do you have suggestions on how to improve the app? By joining an electric scooter franchise, you don’t only get a personalized application, but also access to a responsive team of programmers who are ready to adjust the functionality of an app to your needs.

Technical Support Availability

In case any issue occurs with an electric scooter franchise, you can count on assistance from a qualified team of tech support. There’s absolutely no need to struggle to tackle the problem on your own. Describe your issue to get an efficient solution from a professional.

What Is Included In Electric Scooter Franchise by Rexsoft

The electric scooter franchise by Rexsoft includes a set of tools for managers to keep an eye on ongoing business processes and for customers seeking a smooth riding experience. Here they are. 

Scooter Sharing Application

A customized application with a unique design with your brand colors and logo. It will also include preferred payment methods, promo codes and promotions to help you stand out on the market.

CRM for Managers

CRM for managers is a powerful tool for gathering insights into the ongoing processes of the electric scooter business. Just like the app, the manager CRM is adjusted to your business. With the electric scooter franchise by Rexsoft, you get a personalized CRM with different roles including the administrator, manager, financier, and charger. 

Powerful Analytics Tool

With the help of an analytics tool, business executives and managers can improve the efficiency of their scooter fleet and staff. A great share of the success of the scooter sharing business depends on the correct routing and placing of e-vehicles. The analytics module will allow you to track the movement of scooters and make prompt and effective placing decisions relying on this data.

The Cost of Electric Scooter Franchise by Rexoft

This article would be incomplete without analyzing the scooter franchise cost in 2022. As mentioned above, one of the top merits of an e-vehicle franchise is its cost-efficiency. However, what is the exact price should electric scooter business owners pay to embed a franchise into the workflow? We can’t wait any longer to uncover the price.

At the initial stage, a client is charged a setting fee of nearly $5000-7000. This cost covers the creation of a unique design, adjusting the functionality, software configuration for managers, a connection of scooters to the app and CRM, testing, and more. 

After that, businesses are required to pay a monthly subscription fee which fluctuates from $240 to $600.

The cost of an electric scooter franchise is always approximate, as there are a number of factors influencing the final price. These are payment methods integrated into software, additional functionality, specifics of running a business in your country, and the number of added vehicles.

To sum up, electric scooter franchise is a convenient business solution appreciated by e-vehicle businesses for advanced opportunities and comparatively low costs. A franchise empowers for personalization and tailored experience, allowing your startup to scale.