Future of the Gaming Industry

Future of the Gaming Industry

Lot has changed in the gaming industry in the past years. The industry has progressed from pixel graphics to photo-realistic ones. It is no more limited to handheld consoles and has spread to computers, wireless consoles, mobile devices, and virtual reality devices. Anyone who has played game classic series like Mario Series, Need For Speed, Pokemon Series, FIFA Series, etc can definitely acknowledge all the difference that technology has made to the gaming world. For example, new recent Pokemon Generation 9 games Pokemon Sword and Shield comes with better graphics than its previous graphics with outlined characters. Along with this you can also go explore article related to importance of games and sports in students life.

Here are some predictions that can change the future of the gaming industry-

  • Hyper-indulgent games with virtual reality                    There is a lot of room to improve graphics further with advancing gaming technology. Virtual reality devices will be capable of providing 3D graphics which would make them indistinguishable from reality.
  • Game development through open-source

The game development sector is largely governed by AAA game developers and various small companies. With more developed and advanced tool kits independent developers or individuals may develop and release their own games in the market in the future. Visit here

  • Augmented Reality(AR)

Augmented reality has been introduced to the gaming world but has not been utilized to its full potential. The success of Pokemon Go has given us sneak peek in the amount of potential that augmented reality holds. It can be used in gaming applications in smart devices, gaming consoles and augmented reality or virtual reality headsets in the future. AR can also be accessed through smartwatch or Google Glass.

  • Hand-held Consoles

The huge success of Nintendo Switch points towards the possibility of the return of hand-held consoles. The hand-held consoles with their return may attract nostalgic gamer and gamers who look forward to playing without being distracted by other apps on their smart device.

  • Social/Collaborative use of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality often isolates gamer from others. But in future with aid of new technology, it will be possible for a gamer to connect with other players in a virtual space.

  • Secondary devices and screens

Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are three giants taking over the market by bringing in secondary screens and devices that support the main screen or other devices on which games are being played.

  • Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology like BUFF is changing the scenario by rewarding players for just indulging and playing the games. BUFF lets you earn rewards for winning matches, crossing levels and sometimes for just playing. The monetary rewards like cash and coins that you earn can be traded for virtual items or cash across various gaming platforms. This lets gamers and game developers to earn revenue from secondary sources.

  • Gaming and Cloud Technology

With the aid of cloud technology gaming industry will be blessed with high-quality games and faster downloads and updates. Visit here

It is safe to say that along with many other sectors gaming portal have also been constantly updated with advancement in technology. This new technologies and inventions promise a better future to the gaming industry.