Gaming and the evolution of fad games


As gaming has risen in popularity over the years, so have games that were once considered fads. If you’re wondering why, read on.

By changing with the times

Many popular games have changed and adapted over time to keep existing players while attracting new ones. Pokémon is one example. It may have been considered a fad over 20 years ago. However, by using several mediums to grow a fan base and attract gamers to play on the latest consoles, while making use of technology, it has remained popular. Pokémon Go kept the game relevant and combined gaming with promoting physical activity, by taking players on a treasure hunt, which meant having to go outside and ‘find’ Pokémon using their smartphone camera.

Casino games have done something similar. While gambling is very popular, many sites have changed their games to make them more about interaction with other players, having access to entertainment while on the move and making them feel like more than just a gambling site. You can find some of the best safe online casinos using We Rate Casinos. The games on these sites include traditional slots and other games which were once considered a fad. However, by updating these and making them relevant today, they have retained their popularity. 

By appealing to a loyal following

Many fad games become popular by attracting a loyal following. Like with many niche markets, these are dedicated fans. They can make the games more popular than a larger group of casual players can. Over time, this can lead to an increase in demand as more players discover the game. Eventually, the fad game becomes almost as popular as mainstream games. Sometimes, it can become more fashionable and last longer than initially expected.

Combining nostalgia with modern technology

A common way of appealing to new and existing gamers is nostalgia. As we all like to look back fondly on certain times of our lives and the fads that were popular at the time, no matter what else was going on in our lives, games can cater to our nostalgic side.

For example, 80s arcade-style games can make those who were a child or teenager at the same time remember their carefree days hanging out with friends and playing games or having the rare treat of extra pocket money to spend on games. So, by adapting these games for today’s technology, such as smartphones, they have resurfaced and become more popular than before. Playing these games isn’t about winning money, although that’s sometimes a part of it. For many gamers, the appeal lies in trying to recapture some of the feelings from their younger days while having access to adaptations of their favorite games on their smartphones.

In some ways, fad games are almost in a genre of their own and have the potential to attract loyal gamers just by being labelled as a fad. Combining these with the technology available today gives them a new lease of life.