Reasons Why You Need Planning Permission for a Temporary Building

Planning Permission for a Temporary Building

When you want to build a temporary building, planning permission from the authorities is a mandatory procedure in many states. There are many reasons why it is important to acquire permission for this. In most countries like the UK, temporary tents that are used for a short time do not need planning permissions. After all, they are usually mobile and clients hire them as needed.

But there are some temporary structures that are erected in one location for permanent use like warehouses, showrooms, and retail outlets. The law requires them to get planning permission before they are erected for the following reasons.

For Safety

The government has mandates to protect people from danger. That is why they have a department that is mandated to assess the plans of all structures, whether they are permanent or temporary. After the architect and engineers have prepared the plan, the experts from the authorities will look at it for approval. The frame structure is the primary concern. They will also look at the materials that will be used to construct the temporary building. If the standards are met, then this part will be a success.

For Environmental Reasons

According to experts, the environmental impact is a concern for the authorities. Temporary structures do not affect the environment negatively like permanent ones, but the authorities do not make an assumption. That is why they need to see the plan of your structure.

If you want to see the best plans that will be approved easily, check here. Experts like these usually come up with plans that have already considered the environment in the best way. The best thing is that these experts can help with the amendments to the plan before the approval.

Urban Planning

The government is responsible for the overall plan of the area where you want to erect your temporary structure. They need to know whether your structure is in harmony with their overall plan. They also want to know whether there are any other government infrastructures that will affect or be affected by your building.

Thus, this is a crucial factor that they have to consider before they give you the go-ahead. In a case where the authorities may find it hard to approve, they will give reasons or even propose an alternative. Some plans can be amended to be in harmony with government plans.

Applying for Temporary Building Planning Permission

The process is usually simple and it is determined by the factors above. Some experts in the construction of temporary structures usually assist their clients with this, which is a good thing. But even if they do not, the housing department in your country will have the procedures on their website.

So, you should not have to visit their offices unless there is a problem. All you need to do is upload the plans to their system and fill out all of the required details. If there is a fee to be paid, you can follow the prompts and then wait for the approval. As soon as the approval is acquired, the plans to build the permanent structure can begin.