The Function and the Usages of the Windows Backup Software-AOMEI Backupper

The Function and the Usages of the Windows Backup Software-AOMEI Backupper

Windows backup software is a backup program used for Windows operating system. In fact, every edition of Windows operating systems has the built-in backup tool is different, since the Windows theme is different, so does the backup program. For example, backup program in Windows XP and Windows 7 are too different, but in Windows Vista and Windows 7 maybe similar. If you backed up in Windows 7, you can’t restore in Windows 10. Many users have used several editions of Windows, or say, update Windows OS many times. To familiar with a system spends time, I want to say, not all people are familiar with the Windows inbuilt programs, every editions’ tools are different, and they need to time to learn. So, some people turn to third-party software to help. In general, third-party software provides professional technical than Windows original apps. Visit here

And third-party software supports all Windows operating systems too. Even the third-party software update, its interface doesn’t change very much, so its keep the continuity very well. Windows built-in backup program has limits, above mentioned XP image file can’t be restore to Windows 7 or Windows 10. What’s more, sometimes if you can’t enter in Windows desktop, you can’t restore successfully. On the contrary, third-party backup software provides many methods to restore. Also, these backup tools provides many ways to store the image file. In a word, third-party software has more choices than Windows built-in one. In this article, we recommended the software called AOMEI Backupper, which wins many rewards and good reviews from CNET, TopReview, PC Advisot, etc.

The latest version of AOMEI Backupper is 5.0. Although its interface is brand new, too much different from previous version. I think its basic theme doesn’t change, still deep blue. Sorry to say that I said before “the third-party software update, its interface doesn’t change very much”. From last 4.6.3 to 5.0, it is a big update. AOMEI Backupper reserve the previous UI about 5 years, so the big changes in 5.0 is understand. If you haven’t used this software before, we think you will handle it quickly. We have used it many years, and we are satisfied with the new version, new interface too. Its features doesn’t change too much, in 5.0, AOMEI Backupper added Pre/Post Command: execute commands or scripts before and after backup/synchronization.

AOMEI Backupper has full scale backup features, from backing up file, partition, disk, to system. It also supports backing up to many storage, such as external hard drives, solid-state drive (SSD), USB flash drives, thumb drives, pen drives, CD/DVD, network share, network-attached storage (NAS), cloud drive desktop apps, Hardware RAID and Virtual machine systems, etc. Thus, you can store the image file to a save place as you wish. AOMEI Backupper has several editions. Free backup software Standard Edition has the most large numbers of users. Then paid Professional Edition for personal use, and Server, Technician, Technician for servers and enterprises used. To try a new product first, you can download its free edition, for AOMEI Backupper, it is Standard Edition. The software supports multiple languages: English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish. People from all over the world could learn it fast.

Download, install and run the program, its Home interface has two buttons, the left is Backup, the right is Restore. A menu at the top right of Restore button are some utilites. Click New Backup to switch to Backup tab, there are four backups: system, disk, partition, file, and file sync.

The Function and the Usages of the Windows Backup Software-AOMEI Backupper

To do one backup /sync task, there are two big steps. Usually, step 1 is the target source, step 2 is the destination source. Take System backup as an example, step 1 dected system partition and other data related to system automatically, you just need to select a path or network location to store the image file. Additional settings are Options(includes comments, encryption, email notification, backup mode, command, compression, splitting, etc), Schedule( has time and event triggers) and Scheme. It will help you to protect data in all sides.

The Function and the Usages of the Windows Backup Software-AOMEI Backupper

Besides backup, AOMEI Backupper is also a disk clone software. In Clone interface, there are system clone, equals to migrate OS to SSD, disk clone and partition clone. To choose backup or clone, it depends on you. If you have enough space and time, want to tranfer data from one place to another directly, cloning is a fast way.

The Function and the Usages of the Windows Backup Software-AOMEI Backupper

To do restore, AOMEI Backupper supports selective files restore, restore from boobtable media, universal restore and so on. It will ensure you come backup to the normal state. Backup is a good habit in case of computer disater happens. Restore will help you returen to before in a short time if you have made backup in advance.

AOMEI Backupper is a practical system software, it has widely features and usages. We think install it in your computer will help you keep the data well, its easy to use design will attract you too. All in all, software technology makes our life simpler than before. At last, hope this tutorial will help you a lot.

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