Web application security-learn the why and how

Web application security-learn the why and how

The Internet is prone to security risks and there is no person who is immune to this impending danger. With so many online services and app being floated in the market, there is very little attention attributed to its security aspect. A number of websites become the prey of mastered hackers thereby accessing several valuable documents and confidential matters.

Any kind of hacking news can break the trust of the customers. The customers provide their personal data to the firms with the trust of confidentiality. It is the duty and responsibility of the firms to keep them away from unscrupulous people. A web application is used by people world over for so many reasons. They have become an indispensable item in their daily routine. Security aspect has to be given priority by the developers to ensure complete foolproof system.


You may be forced to ask the question why is web application security so important? Every firm is vulnerable to risk of security threats like loss of data, revenue loss, bad reputation, loss of customer confidence and many more. A well charted out risk management for your website is equally important. You must ensure web application security to ensure that:

Recovery cost is reduced: the hackers may get illegal access to your files and manipulate the same. The cost of recovering the files and fixing the bugs and other issues may be exorbitant. Rather than shelling out money on such expenses, it is better to put a security check on the web application.

Foster customer trust: Retaining the customers is very essential to ensure loyalty. Any black mark in your brand image may lose this trust and thereby reduce your brand credibility too.

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Competitive edge: Many players in the market can make the competition tougher. To gain a competitive edge, a proper security system for a web application can instill confidence in the minds of the customers. This in itself acts as a great competitive advantage.


Having known the importance of web application security now it is time to get into the ways you can do it. You must implement a well-planned security plan for your web application. It is a simple three-step approach as:

Understand the current state

It is very vital to conduct security audits of your web application. This will highlight the vulnerable areas. It also brings to light the areas where there are greater risks so that you can implement a procedure to settle the same. You must understand your current state and this must be started off from the program development stage itself. Many of the risks can be avoided at the developmental stage. This will greatly reduce the costs too as in case of any defects found in the later stage may involve heavy expense.

Strategy for security

After identifying the problems and issues that can cause a threat to the web application it is now time to formulate a strategy for defending the same. There are several methods which can be properly implemented to take corrective actions during the website development stage.

Review and measure

Finally, after implementation, it is essential to test the security system. This will bring out any other areas of focus and also where there are any loopholes. Any points where repeated risks are possible will be given priority. After the complete system is thoroughly analyzed then they will be implemented.

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A proper plan will help in avoiding the hackers reaching your database. Your customer will be well protected from identity theft and misuse of their valuable personal data. With the growing incidence of hacking, it is very important to prioritize web application security.

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