Why Brands Prefer Social Media to Promote Their Business?

Why Brands Prefer Social Media to Promote Their Business?

Social media is now considered to be a completely separate world that has various and numerous platforms, medium, and channels for earning a good profit. With almost 3 billion users, there is no denying the fact that social media is observing a tremendous growth and that is the main reason as to why it is trying to enhance the brands within the competitive business market. Social media is further considered to be massive for each and every online business. It is because of the different social networking platforms that include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more. Instagram is currently preferred by the businesses in comparison to the other social networking platforms. According to www.socialpilot.com, Instagram has around 1 billion users who are active on a monthly basis.

This does not mean that they are not using other platforms. Given below is a list of the reasons as to why the brands have started preferring Instagram in comparison to the other platforms.

You can reach all the mobile application users easily

Half of the web traffic is known to be generated from mobile devices and people are known to spend most of the time with their smartphones only. This means that people are operating Instagram easily along with other social networking platforms through mobile phones. With such ease, people are finding Instagram to be the most interesting as well as popular application after Facebook. This definitely proves why all the big, as well as the emerging brands, are in love with Instagram and they prefer engaging with the consumers on mobile phones. You can get real Instagram likes if you are interested in gaining more engagement for your brand.

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Instagram helps in increasing the reach of the brands

As of 2018, Instagram has almost a billion users, which means that 2 billion pairs of eyes are waiting to see what the brands have in store for them. Instagram has a number of business accounts and all the Instagrammers are known to follow at least a single business. In fact, users also find it much more convenient to purchase products or opt for services through Instagram. Instagram has allowed the brands to connect personally with their target customers.

The relationship that people have started sharing with the brands is no longer professional because they can easily contact the brands as and when necessary. Gone are those days when customers had to go through the numerous reviews for purchasing a particular product. Now they can directly contact the brand or the loyal customers who are constantly using the products of a particular brand and decide whether they want to purchase or not. With this amazing advantage, it is not a surprise as to why the brands prefer Instagram currently.

The magic of visual content

Visual content is capable of attracting more attention in comparison to a catchy and beautiful text. Everyone knows that Instagram is all about visuals and brands are using Instagram for communicating and spreading their message across the target customers with the help of creative pictures.


Whenever brands have to choose a particular social platform, Instagram is winning hands down. With all the amazing benefits that have been mentioned above, brands cannot even imagine looking anywhere else.

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