Effective Tools to Infuse Your Instagram Feed Seamlessly into Your Web Design

Effective Tools to Infuse Your Instagram Feed Seamlessly into Your Web Design

Instagram is regarded as a powerful marketing tool today, by social media marketers. Businesses are, therefore, trying to harness the power of this robust and extremely versatile social media platform for enhancing their online brand presence. Instagram is no more an ordinary image-sharing application just meant for teenagers, lifestyle bloggers, and makeup artists. Instagram is currently gaining traction by the day and it is used by all those people who are willing to share the perfect images to establish an audience, grab attention, and sell their innovative or unique products.

From plugins right up to the code embeds, you have numerous robust choices for seamlessly embedding Instagram post into your websites. You must showcase your feed with great responsiveness so that it simply looks amazing on all devices.

Widget Generators

As per the https://thedesignspace.co, “Widget Generators are third party websites which allow you to create and customize your own embeddable Instagram feed widget. These feed generator options are a great option if you are using a hosted platform like Showit.” There are a couple of really popular choices such as the Snapwidget and the Lightwidget. Both these useful services give you the liberty to build unlimited free widgets. However, both these services are not without flaws in the free version. In the Lightwidget, the free version you are allowed to link your grid directly to your specific Instagram post, but do not work properly on sites that have secure domains.

We know that Snapwidget would be working perfectly on all domains, however, would be letting you click through successfully to your Instagram account once you have made the payment. Their light version that gives you just one widget would be costing $6 every month. This implies that Lightwidget would be more valuable. Boost your followers for Instagram by using some of these effective tools for seamlessly embedding your unique Instagram feed into your innovative website design.

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The Instagram Feed Plug-in

For a WordPress user, the most effective choice is supposed to be the Instagram Feed Plug-in that comes free and developed by Smash Balloon. This plug-in is actually liked by designers since it is far more solid as compared to the widget generators as a link would be avoided and your site would be directly connecting to the Instagram straightaway.


Intush is a supposed to be a really helpful tool which flaunts several distinctive features. This tool may be used for developing wallpapers from Instagram pictures. You may choose from any one of the fourteen different types of fascinating Instagram gallery designs which you could use effectively on your website.


Juicer is an exceptionally useful and helpful service which would help you in effectively embedding posts from all major social media platforms, especially, Instagram seamlessly into your website. Thanks to Juicer there would be no need for constantly updating all the embed codes.


Instagram has been acknowledged and appreciated because of its role as a critical marketing tool for boosting any small creative and design business. You are able to showcase fresh content on your official website.

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