5 Advice for Creating Your Most useful SEO Content in 2020

Useful SEO Content

Everyone starting an online business wants to be successful. Their concerns being online visibility that is one of the main ingredients for success. You can achieve this by utilizing your SEO efforts in 2020. Each year, companies and online businesses strive to take their ventures to higher heights. With so many strategies and SEO tactics being bombarded to them online, it is hard to pick the best and the most effective strategy. In this article, we are offering you 5 effective SEO advice that is proven to give you effective results in 2020. Read on for more insight.

Your target audience should be the main focus regardless of what business you are running online. If you are not doing everything possible to make their visits comfortable, engaging, and informative, then it’s time you re-strategize your SEO efforts and strategies. Since search engines are evolving every year, you can’t rely on one SEO strategy to work for you for several years. You should always check and update your efforts to the attest trends and search engine ranking factors. If you are not well informed or you are not so sure how to go about this, the best thing is to seek advice from SEO Services providers.

That said, let’s now look at the five tactics to improve your content SEO in 2020.

Optimize for User Intent

As I stated earlier, your target audience should the main focus when running your online business. Besides making their stay in your site comfortable and intuitive, you should also try to understand their intention to visit your website and not your competitors. There must be a good reason why they chose to visit your website. Came Google BERT update and focus on keyword was drawn away. Google found out that many web owners were only focusing on keywords that denied the visitor informative content that they were desperately looking for. This brought forth poor user experience. Keywords are still valuable, they should search engines are focusing more on user intent to cater to their interest. Therefore, if you are planning to generate web content in 2020, ensure that it is streamlined with user intent to make it effective and efficient. Stuffing keywords in content without giving value to the user won’t work this time and it will deny that golden opportunity to engage with the user. You may cheat the system once by stuffing keywords, but if you intend to meet your long term goals, then it advisable to give the user what they are looking for.

Write Effective Content in 2020

Changes are being made frequently in search engine algorithms, their focus being solving the user’s problems. Therefore, as an online entrepreneur, you need to go with the flow and broaden you’re your SEO scope to include different formats of content. For example, besides using texts, try to also incorporate videos, infographics, and images in your content to have a positive impact on SERP. There is a sudden shift in the way users search for information online and many are now preferring videos instead of text. Unfortunately, brands are slow in tapping into video potential to market their products. For startups, using videos in your content, give you an upper hand to get noticed quickly compared to images and texts only. As much as every content has its way to reach its audience, videos always work for many due to their high level of interaction and engagement.

Create Engaging Podcasts in 2020

Using a podcast to create content is another quick way to establish and build your online presence especially for startups. If you focus on creating quality and informative podcast content in your Digital Marketing Company it would be hard for a search engine to ignore your work in 2020. For a beginner wanting to break out in their niche with less experience in the podcast, the best way to approach it would be to interview prominent personalities in their industry for search engine optimization purposes. Although associations with prominent personalities won’t necessarily lure in your prospects, it will help you generate sufficient traffic by connecting with a renowned figure.

Building Brand Authority in 2020

It is difficult to establish brand authority if you are not creating quality content. For starters, quality content helps you to engage with your target audience. To elevate your search engine efforts in 2020, besides focusing on intent-based content, you also need to win trust from your target audience even before they visit your website. How do you do this? By simply publishing reviews and ratings from people who have already used your products. People will trust fellow consumers more and this presents a great opportunity to convince them to subscribe or convert. By combining search ranking and brand authority, you will greatly positively influence your SERP in 2020.

Put More Emphasis on Technical SEO in 2020

Many marketers will only focus on generating quality content, which is not a bad thing if you want to make it in 2020. However, this won’t be enough if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. You should also look into the technical aspect of your SEO efforts. We predict that in 2020, search engines will put more emphasis on site speed which plays a big role in improving user experience and site traffic. Your website should also have a proper structure, XML sitemap, proper schema markup, and should be responsive if you intend to stay ahead in your online business.


Although 2020 will present new challenges to online businesses, the focus won’t be drawn from quality content. It will continue to be the main attraction in any content. However, you can also explore other ways to improve your SEO like creating digital assets. Remember to also streamline your SEO efforts with your online presence to succeed in 2020. To fully harness the potential of targeted content strategies, businesses in the Midlands may benefit from consulting a Birmingham SEO expert, ensuring their SEO practices align with current trends and local search dynamics.

Author Bio: Naman Modi is a Professional Blogger, SEO Expert & Guest blogger at ebuilderz.com, He is an Award-Winning Freelancer & Web Entrepreneur helping new entrepreneur’s launches their first successful online business. You can reach him through his social media profile. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter