Teens and Sexting- What Should Parent Do?

Teens and Sexting- What Should Parent Do?

Sexting is referred to connecting with strangers, sharing intimate photos and feel pleasure through all this via social sites or text messages. This also includes social media, WhatsApp, Tinder and many other sources. There was a time when only adults were doing sexting but now teens are also involved. Visit here

Statistics on Teen Sexting

Here are below are some facts to clear the serious issue for parents and other people.

  • 70% of the teens around the world do sexting with their girlfriends and boyfriends.
  • 61% of these teens have sent nudes and intimate photos.
  • 12% of teens do sexting for pleasure and they have admitted this.
  • 17% sexters share the private messages and photos with other people.
  • 15% of teens sending intimate photos to their partners have never met them.
  • 24% teen at school while 33% at college do sexting.
  • 12% of teens doing sexting are between the ages of 13 and 16.

These facts show us the serious and dangerous side of sexting. It can be said 2 out of three teens are doing sexting right now but their parents have no idea about it. Parents have no idea of what their teens are doing with themselves. In such cases, only parents can help out their children and get them out of this trouble.

Effects of Teen Sexting

Teens don’t have strong willpower and decision making skill. They can’t differentiate between the good and bad. But we can male parents realize and understand the dark side of sexting. Parents should know the consequences of teen sexting because they will be in a better position to understand their children and make them get out of it.

The first side effect or consequence of teen sexting is an emotional one. The teens who do sexting are really shy in their real life but they feel confident about phones and messages. They feel bold while they do sexting. This causes havoc to their confidence. Instead of sharing issues with parents, they ruin their emotional confidence. The ultimate result is humiliation and embarrassment.

Teens who do sexting are also bullied at schools and colleges. Even the adults and strangers who do sexting with teens exploit their body and rights. They bully them badly and it hurts the feelings of teens. They feel less confident and more shy than ever. They see the dark side of sexting but can’t feel how painful this is.

Teens and Sexting- What Should Parent Do?

And the most harmful effect is they experience the end of a relationship at a very young age. Teens between 12-16 years of age should focus on their studies and career but they indulge in sexting and face the worst consequences. When they grow up, they can’t build healthy relationships with their partners and always regret that.

What Should Parents Do?

Here comes the most important point that what parents should in such cases. No parents want to see their teens experience sexting but they don’t know. However, they can prevent it, stop them from sexting and make sure they don’t connect with any person who forces or convinces them for sexting.

Talk to Your Teens

First thing first. Parents should talk to their children and give them enough time. If parents can’t sit with kids and listen to them, they should not expect to become good parents. Kids should be encouraged to share their issues and this will help parents sort out their problems. visit here

Connect Kids with Positive People

This is really a great thing any parent can do to their kids. There are so many nice and amazing people out there who can take care of kids and educate them better about life, solving problems, avoiding negative people and stay focused in life. Such sessions on a regular basis will keep kids positive in their life. They will not have time for weird things.

Keep Eyes on Kids

This is the last solution parents can choose to protect their kids from sexting and take better care of them. Parental control is a great thing but it has flopped without the use of technology. There are many apps that allow parents to monitor their kids, keep eyes on their phone activities, check their whereabouts and track their calls as well as messages. BlurSPY Android spy is one such app that has all amazing feature for perfect parental monitoring. Parents should use this app to prevent teen sexting.