Amazing Instagram Apps for Graphic Designers to Create Professional Graphics for Businesses

Amazing Instagram Apps for Graphic Designers to Create Professional Graphics for Businesses

Instagram is the most popular marketing platform today and you must use Instagram for effectively marketing your business. Needless to say, Instagram is predominantly a visual platform and so it is a robust channel for promoting your graphic design skills. You could generate branded images for boosting overall brand awareness of your company. In this context, you must know that more than 71 percent of businesses in the United States use Instagram. However, this amazing platform is still gaining phenomenal traction by the day. There are around17.25 million business profiles on Instagram.

In this context, we come across some fascinating stats and facts at, “Instagram images get an average of 23% more engagement than their Facebook counterparts. Higher engagement rate is the name of the game, folks, at least when it comes to Instagram. Instagram is known for its high engagement rates, partially thanks to better reach but mostly thanks to a really engaged, enthusiastic audience. Brands on Instagram regularly see engagement from around 4% of their total followers. Brands see engagement rates 10x higher on Instagram than they do on Facebook. This is a significant number, and it shows the value of the platform.”

Moreover, according to, “Instagram has quickly shot through the ranks of social media platforms to become one of the top tools for savvy business owners. With its live video features in Instagram Stories and the capability to shop stories directly with product tag stickers, it has become an ideal place for retailers to connect with followers and ultimately sell products.” It is, therefore, quite an important platform for marketing and promoting your business. Creating flawless and perfect graphic design is surely an art but thanks to the availability of cutting-edge graphic design tools for the Instagram, you no longer need to a be a qualified graphic designer or an intrinsic photographer if you have the right set of design application and tools. However, you need to choose the right tools for taking your business to the next level. Here are some tried and tested Instagram applications that help you harness the full potential of Instagram graphics. You may also, seek professional guidance from digital marketing experts at for boosting your Instagram likes, views, and followers.

Amazing Instagram Apps for Graphic Designers to Create Professional Graphics for Businesses


Tangent is an amazing app for people looking to get rid of the element of monotony from the existing Instagram feed and opt for numerous shapes and patterns for creating unique and one-of-a-kind pictures. Thanks to Tangent, you could effortlessly convert your dull and boring pictures into stunning and unique works of art. You could choose from as many as 44 unique shapes and also, 66 striking patterns for incorporating as overlays. This brilliant app could be used for combining with shapes, scaling, rotating, and positioning at will. You could consider colorizing your unique creations with an exhaustive palette that could be including several popular blend modes just right for layering. You could be effortlessly dragging, zooming, and rotating utilizing standard iOS gestures.

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Whenever you wish to combine two images into one, you may use Superimpose and look no further. It is known for magical photo retouching. This is superb photography or design app that allows users to seamlessly superimpose their chief subject into a new background on the devices they are using. Users have the liberty to retouch background, as well as, foreground images. It can seamlessly combine two pictures and acts as a professional and truly competent photo editor thanks to its easy-to-use tools. So experts reiterate the fact that Superimpose was generated for serving one main purpose that is cropping the main picture and superimposing it seamlessly into the second one in such a manner that it seems like a real picture. This brilliant app is known for skipping the burdensome process involving uploading of the pictures on a computer, opening a photo editing software of the user’s preference, retouching both the pictures so they are a perfect fit and saving it properly into one single file and finally, logging into Instagram or other social media accounts for other users to see. Fortunately, with Superimpose, you simply need a few taps for generating juxtaposed or superimposed pictures on devices.


TiltShift apps have actually become quite popular of late, providing you the wonderful opportunity for making artistic tweaks to all your pictures in just a few clicks. It seems like a fabulous effect for experimenting on landscapes since it could often create the impression that each and everything is miniature and seems to look breathtaking. We know that TiltShift Generator is preferred by graphic designers as they are easy to use. You just require loading up the picture and immediately the effect would be applied. This leaves you to go about modifying a few settings for obtaining stunning and perfect results. These effective settings would be allowing you to go about seamlessly fine-tuning the center radius and adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation values and tweaking the vignette filter. TiltShift Generator demonstrates the impact of all modifications in real time. Once all is done, you need to simply save the picture.

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Amazing Instagram Apps for Graphic Designers to Create Professional Graphics for Businesses

Slow Shutter Cam

Slow Shutter Cam instills a brand new life seamlessly into effective photo toolbox for your device by allowing you to click a variety of stunning slow shutter speed elements that was earlier possible only with a DSLR. The fantastic Slow Shutter Cam is known for magically waving a wand around your specific mobile device, making it snap for capturing slow shutter speeds. This is a fabulous tool used to create long exposure iPhone pictures and that may include light trails utilizing car headlights, silky smooth waterfalls, high-quality low-light pictures, and slow shutter abstracts.


There are several other astounding Instagram apps just right for graphic designers to effectively use them for customizing the overall feel and look of each and every picture and creating a seamless and memorable brand experience that would be appreciated and enjoyed tremendously by the followers. We cannot conclude without mentioning Snapseed which is a brilliant photo-editing application that would be enabling graphic designers to effectively enhance their pictures and apply effective digital filters. Moreover, Afterlight is another hot favorite photo-editing app used to enhance the creative works of designers as it offers a clean and simple design. So we see that there are several applications that could be used by graphic designers for generating the best Instagram graphics for their clients and their own business profile.

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