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Attention gamers!

We have done the research for you and come up with a list of highly-rated, highly practical and performance-based products for our list of must-have gaming items. If you are serious about your gaming, then you will find these items to be an excellent addition to your overall gaming experience. Visit here

Let’s begin.

  1. Logitech Gamepad F310

The Gamepad F301 is a wired console-style controller from Logitech, which comes with a simple plug-and-play USB connector, compatible with Microsoft Windows. It features everything you could ask for in a gaming controller and more.

It has 4 programmable action buttons, 2 analog mini sticks, 4-way programmable tactile D-pad, left and right trigger buttons and flight or sport mode buttons. It has an XInput/DirectInput switch that makes it easy to set up with your favorite new and old games. Visit here

This console-like controller is a must-have item for gamers who want the feel of a console from their computer gaming experience. It does not get any better than the Gamepad F310 because it provides all the compulsory features serious gamers need at a very reasonable price.

  1. Logitech G502 Hero High-Performance Gaming Mouse
    ASIN: B07GBZ4Q68

Another Logitech product, this time from their G line of gaming products. What can we say, they make excellent products at unbeatable pricing! The G502 Hero is a high-performance wired gaming mouse that offers plenty of features.

The integrated Hero 25K sensor is Logitech’s most sophisticated yet with 400+ ips, 1:1 tracking and 100-25,600 max dpi sensitivity bringing you zero acceleration, filtering or smoothing. You can assign commands to 11 customizable buttons and bank up to 5 profiles directly to the G502.

It has Lightsync technology that allows the programmable RGB lighting (nearly 16.8 million colors) to sport your own color, go with your team’s color or sync it with other Logitech G gear. You can even adjust the mouse’s weight using up to 5 removable 3.6gram weight, strategically placed inside the mouse.

The pivot hinges and the metal spring tensioning system in the right and left mouse buttons are built for a clean and crisp click feel that offers rapid feedback.

Best of all, it is an ambidextrous optical gaming mouse, which means you can play with either of your hands, doubling its features and practicality in an instant. No wonder it is touted as the world’s best gaming mouse.

It certainly is our favorite and a must-have item for any gamer who wants a professional grade customizable mouse that does not cost a fortune like most other professional gaming mice.

  1. MouseOne ZeroCable
    ASIN: B08538C4V8
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The ZeroCable from MouseOne is truly a must-have gaming item for all gamers who care to improve their game. MouseOne has developed the ZeroCable to only weigh 20 grams, making you feel like you are using a wireless mouse with all the speed and power of your wired one.

They realized that mouse developers were focused on making mice lighter but not cables. This brought about the ZeroCable, which is an extremely lightweight mouse wire solution for gaming mice, allowing for much easier movements while gaming.

They achieve this by using a cable that is threaded through a flexible paracord, soldered on to a USB connector. It has all four of its high-quality JST terminals crimped onto wires at the end. These wires include only four 0.05mm wires sleeved into a hollowed-out paracord; a 5Volt, ground and 2 data wires.

Giving you only what you need without any of the extra weight of a heavy metal sheath or a thick shield wire. The cable is light, flexible and assembling/installing requires no soldering, simply read the provided guide to easily install and use on your gaming mouse.

This is an essential must-have gaming item for everyone because it is inexpensive and can practically change your performance unlike ever before. Imagine pairing a ZeroCable with a Logitech G502 Hero gaming mouse. The result will be substantial improvement in your gaming scores and standings.

  1. havit HV-F2056 Slim Cooling Pad

havit is a well-known brand that has been making peripherals since 1998. Their HV-F2056 cooling pad is a must-have item for gamers who are constantly pushing their laptop’s performance. It has a thin, lightweight design, making it portable and letting you cool your laptop wherever you go.

It has a simple plug-and-play USB connector that you can connect to your laptop and take advantage of its superior cooling power, which comes from three large fans spinning at 1000 RPM. The fans are 110mm in size and provide a strong 65 CFM of airflow at whisper-quiet noise levels.

It features LED light indicators near the on/off switch and coming from the fans to let you know the working status of the cooling pad – a great feature, especially for gamers who prefer to play in the dark.

It also has two shield holders at the back with two adjustable height levels for an ergonomic gaming experience. This is a very useful must-have item for laptop gamers at a pocket friendly price point.

  1. Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE Gaming Headset
    ASIN: B07VSHL7V6
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Corsair is a very popular and highly rated gaming brand that has been pushing industry standards for decades. They manufacture quality products and their brand name (and reputation) alone is enough to signify a premium product.

Their Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE Gaming Headset is no exception and it is a must-have item for any serious gamer looking to take their gaming experience to the next level. It is a Bluetooth connected on-ear headphone that provides unmatched sound quality and immersive 7.1 surround sound.

This is achieved with a pair of specifically tuned 50mm high-density neodymium speakers, that deliver a frequency range of 20-40,000Hz – double the range of a typical gaming headphone. It has premium quality memory foam ear pads and a pillow-like, soft headband providing easy wear for hours.

Built with lightweight, machined aluminum guaranteeing both, ultra-comfort and long-term durability. It offers hi-fi, ultra-low latency audio sound and a 60ft. signal range with Corsair’s hyper-fast Slipstream wireless technology.

You can communicate easily with other gamers or streamers using its excellent vibrant range and vocal precision. All of which comes from a 9. 5mm broadcast-grade, high-bandwidth, Omni-directional, detachable microphone with exceptional low-end response.

Gamers can connect it to pretty much any device including their PC, Xbox, PS, Nintendo, and mobile, thanks to its wide device compatibility with USB, wired 3.5mm, or Slipstream wireless connectivity. This is a premium quality product with a premium price tag but it is well worth every penny.


All the items mentioned above on our must-have items list are exceptional in providing gamers the features they require and can appreciate for day-to-day gaming. They need comfort, durability, practicality and most of all, performance.

These are all key points that we considered while coming up with our list with the added point of price. We chose these products because they provide the best at the best pricing. Even the highly priced premium products mentioned above are worth every penny.

We hope you liked our selection of the must-have gaming items.

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