The most effective ways to hide your IP address

The most effective ways to hide your IP address

In these times our online activity is becoming more fluid and denser. Day by day we develop more and more tasks related to work, studies, entertainment and social life.

This is why knowing a little more in detail how internet activity works in general and what peculiarities the data flow that we carry out daily has in this window to the world that connects us more and more and more is important. Visit here

In this article I will explain basic aspects of the internet connection, what you should know about your IP address, its characteristics and dangers, and applicable methods to improve your online activity to enjoy this technology to the fullest.

How we navigate and how we connect

It is important to know, in simple terms, how the internet works.

When you connect to the network you use a protocol called TCP / IP. From its acronym in English Transfer Control Protocol and Internet Protocol.

When you connect to your Wi-Fi network at home or in your office, the router device connects you to the internet through your ISP, that is, the company that provides you internet service and to which you pay the cost of the service every month. Of connection.

Every online activity , be it consulting a web page or sending an email,  uses the TCP Protocol and links that packet of data that travels through the network with a number called IP, which identifies your device.

So every time you want to check your favorite sports news website, the data packet travels through the network and reaches your computer or cell phone thanks to the IP number associated with it.

Do we browse privately or publicly? Visit here

Perhaps this may surprise many people, but the reality of how the internet works is that all activity we carry out is totally visible and there is no type of privacy by default since data packets flow freely throughout the network without major protections. A public network.

This should not be confused with your local private network (such as your Wi-Fi) which is private and only you can use it with the appropriate access key. But all activity once connected to the internet network is public.

And anyone with the necessary tools, including internet service providers (ISP) and even the government can view all your online activity, hence the usefulness and interest of hiding your ip.

What does your IP say about you?

Well, it says a lot, think that with it your identification is total, your geographical location is known, which implies knowing the city where you live and the language you speak.

But it also indicates which websites you visit which speaks volumes about your interests, tastes and habits.

It also strongly determines what content you can access and which tea is restricted.

A classic example of this is the new NETFLIX titles that are only available to people located in the United States. Or those titles that are released first in Europe and the rest of the countries have to wait a certain amount of days for it to reach their territory.

Why you should be interested in hiding your IP

Browsing with your real IP or browsing with another alternative IP of your choice is not the same. The possibility of using an IP address different from your real one brings freedom and security to all the things you do online.

These are some of the most obvious and popular reasons and benefits of changing your IP for another and thus hiding your IP online:

  • Security
  • Access to restricted content
  • Elimination of targeted advertising
  • Deletion of browsing logs
  • Anonymous activity

When you can choose another IP you will be able to access all the content of the network, avoiding the barriers imposed by territories. In this way you will be able to see all the titles in the world making the most of your NETFLIX plan or similar services.

Also, hiding your IP address allows you to prevent third parties or organizations from making a record of the sites you visit or the activity you carry out online.

This also helps you to stop targeted advertising based on the monitoring of your activity in order to send you advertising related to your interests, which is often invasive.

Also when you know how to hide my ip you will also know that you will regain anonymity when surfing the web.

Possible methods to hide my IP

There are more than one way to get to know how to hide my ip, and each one has its peculiarities.

These methods vary in complexity and not everyone will be able to do them. All of these methods have a weak point and do not always work 100%.

  • Using a web proxy: This method is complex but worth mentioning. The objective is to hide the IP address of the device that interests us, only temporarily. In other words, when you visit a certain site, you seek to hide your ip using a false ip momentarily. This is achieved by configuring a web proxy, which, as I mentioned, is a difficult, tedious method and does not ensure good results.
  • Restart the modem: This method is somewhat homemade but easy to try, it is also extremely unreliable and gives very erratic results.

The intention is to turn off the modem with which you connect from your home to the internet for a few minutes. Either with the off button or unplugging it from the power.

After a few minutes to restart, it may be that your IP address has changed. For this you must be able to check what your IP is and check if it has changed, otherwise you can repeat the procedure.

  • Anonymous proxy: This method is similar to the first one but with the difference that it is intended to search for an anonymous proxy and not a web proxy, and try to configure it to use an IP different from the real one when managing data traffic. Too complex and unreliable method.
  • Contact your ISP: This method is rare but it can be useful for certain users in particular cases. The same consists of communicating with our internet service provider and consulting him, justifying our request to change our IP address.

The Best Method to Hide IP

In consideration of the above, I must conclude with the most effective and solid way to hide my ip.

This article seeks to inform a wide public and my goal is to provide modern and quality solutions to all readers regardless of the degree of experience and knowledge they have in these topics or in topics related to computing in general.

It is important that the information developed here results and translates into a benefit for all people who wish to access a better and freer online activity, because today we are all Internet users.

It is because of the ease and solidity of a UK VPN Service that I believe and think is the best way to hide the IP of anyone in an easy, fast and secure way so that even the least expert in the field can access the benefits of being able to hide the ip with which it connects to the network and thus control and maintain free access and anonymous activity.

VPN services allow through friendly management software, designed exclusively for the user, to control everything related to their connection.

A VPN service (or Virtual Private Network service) forms a network of private servers distributed throughout the world, making this immense network available to its users exclusively for them to carry out all kinds of online activity connected to this private network, avoiding direct internet connection.

In this way, a data encryption tunnel is formed between the source device and the VPN network, which forms a secure and anonymous connection. Then the user of the VPN network can select any of the server destinations to be able to change the country from which they connect to the internet.


We are all Internet users and we all want to have the same access to the content of the network and in a secure and private way. This is not the norm and we must know the current technology to recover that state of free navigation.

To do this, being able to hide my ip is essential to achieve this and the best method known today is through a VPN-based service. Due to its accessibility, trust, stability and efficiency, it is undoubtedly the best alternative that you should know in order to know how to hide my IP.