Using Other People’s Money to get Rich

using money to get rich

Today’s youth are hardly expected to be financially well to do. There’s a huge number of the youth still stuck in their parents basements trying to “find their thing”. Almost 1/3rd of all men and women return to their parental homes after 10 years of being financially independent.

Financial freedom is considered to be the ultimate goal for certain young women and they begin investing in their retirement plans quite early itself. For an individual belonging to the middle class, this may be enough, but if you’re looking for a comfortable life then you need a better plan.

One of the best options for a one-time investment is real estate. There are always certain assets in the market which are bound to be more expensive and in-demand in the time to come. Buying such assets at a low rate and selling them later can help a lot in earning extra bucks.

Let us have a look at a few ways that can make you rich without having a lot of money to invest –


Yes, you can definitely borrow money from friends and family, but financial issues are one of the most common reasons behind quite a lot of family feuds. This could go in three ways –

  • The best way – when your family or friends trust you completely, if you’ve built a good relationship with them, and will be open to this opportunity.
  • The bad way – When your family helps with your bills, you’re answerable to them and will not be financially independent until the debts are cleared.
  • The worst way – Family and business don’t go together. Best is to avoid this option.

Credit Cards

Credit cards have one of the highest interest rates for borrowed money. This it isn’t advisable to got for this option.


The lenders provide loans for real estate easily as a certain amount of collateral is given. There are many online websites like PayDayMe, that provide quick loans with very little paperwork.

Look for multiple options for a loan, then visit the institution personally to enquire about the loan and start the paperwork. Before you go through with the loan, assess your financial situation, and make sure that you can pay back the loan amount on time to avoid any legal penalties.

The commercial entity will assess your property and your presentation to decide whether you have the potential to fulfill the loan requirements or not.

Look for Funding

Everyone is looking to make money in today’s world. There are a lot of people with bucket loads of money looking to invest in real assets in order to double the amount. Generally, there are a lot of private funders who give out their money with a promise of getting it back with some percentage of interest.

It could also be a partnership with someone you know, but this tends to be a problem over time due to disputes between the partners.