These Top 5 CAD Apps Are Sure To Draw Your Attention In 2019

These Top 5 CAD Apps Are Sure To Draw Your Attention In 2019

If you’re an engineer, architect, drafter, graphics designer, or industrial designer, you’ve had experience with some type of desktop or laptop Computer Aided Design (CAD) program. You know that CAD is not a passing fad! It’s essential.

CAD programs are indispensable in creating 2D or 3D design models and blueprints for manufacturing or building.

CAD then allows the user (or team of users) to modify, analyze, optimize, document, and communicate those designs as needed.

Today, CAD apps for smartphones and tablets have opened up a new level of accessibility and collaboration. As with other mobile apps, CAD apps allow access to needed information regardless of location or time. Productivity is increased.

Now, let’s review CAD mobile apps that will “draw” your attention in 2019.

5 CAD Drawing Apps That Will Make Your Day

Not all of these apps are available for both iOS and Android operating systems. Overview of each includes applicability.

1. AutoCAD Mobile

AutoCAD Mobile by Autodesk appears on multiple “best” lists searchable online for CAD apps. It is a portable version of the same professional AutoCAD software you use in the office. With AutoCAD Mobile, you can:

  • View and edit drawings wherever you are, at whatever time is convenient
  • Collaborate with team members back in the office via continuous cross-platform connectivity, with ability make and access changes in real time
  • Quickly access DWG files anywhere anytime via Autodesk’s cloud, or with other leading cloud storage providers
  • Retain the familiarity with core AutoCAD drafting tools and get the same precision and consistency you’re used to with AutoCAD desktop version
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Operating platforms: Android and iOS

Cost: Free, but $50 per year subscription for Premium version with all features Visit here

2. PadCAD

PadCAD is perfect for small-scale design or drafting projects such as home additions, basic remodeling projects, and site surveys.

It offers ease of use in order to simplify 2D/3D model production for those users who don’t need a full-blown professional application like AutoCAD. PadCAD’s benefits include:

  • Ability to produce drawings and export to AutoCAD and others
  • Easy interface, designed for speed and mobility
    • Designed for users with little or no previous CAD software experience
  • No internet connection required, except when exporting a drawing
    • Can export drawings in DWG, PDF, DXF or image (PNG) formats

Operating platforms: Android and iOS

Cost: Free, but to save or export your drawings you will need to upgrade the app. A one-time fee of $14.99 will be charged for the upgrade. Once upgraded, you have unlimited access to export and save drawings.

3. eDrawings Pro

The eDrawings Pro CAD app is designed for the viewing and editing of 2D and 3D models. You can:

  • Collaborate with team members in reviewing designs in an Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) world
    • Can view on a 1:1 scale for the realism of the model
  • Easily communicate and share with high fidelity 3D data, in a multiCAD environment
    • Can publish eDrawings files from many different CAD systems
    • Supports DWG and DXF files

Operating Platform: Android and iOS

Cost: Free

4. GstarCAD DWG FastView

GstarCAD DWG FastView app is another easy-to-use viewing and editing tool. You can:

  • Do offline drawing; view and edit drawings when you have no internet connection
  • Access and synchronize your drawing files through DWG FastView Cloud from different devices
  • View 3D model in 10 different perspectives
  • Edit by entering coordinates to accurately locate points for more efficient modification
  • Simplifies the process of sharing DWG and DXF files among collaborators working on a similar project
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Operating Platforms: Android and iOS Visit here

Cost: Free

5. Touch Draw

Touch Draw is an easy-to-use vector drafting app for the iPad. With Touch Draw, you can:

  • Create and edit 2D models and vector graphics
    • Examples: flow charts, graphs, diagrams, illustrations, logos, and floor plans
  • Create your own libraries of reusable shapes, in addition to those bundled with the app
  • Export drawings via PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG, and Visio (VDX/XML format only)
  • Import drawings in formats SVG, Visio (VDX/XML only), EMF, and WMF

Operating System: iOS only

Cost: $8.99

CAD programs have been widely used for years, by businesses both large and small, in designing and producing a variety of consumer goods.

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After CAD Apps, We’re Drawing to a Close!

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